Archery for Everyone

Discover the world of archery at Izgoršek Tourist Farm! Our archery program is open to all – both experienced archers and complete beginners. We offer the organization of trainings and team buildings for larger groups, where everyone can sharpen their archery skills. For those who are encountering a bow for the first time, we provide all the necessary equipment. Join us and experience archery in the pleasant, natural environment of our farm.

Explore the ancient skill of archery

Whether you are an experienced archer or a beginner, our archery activities offer something for everyone. From beginner courses and advanced training to team buildings and group experiences – archery here combines fun, learning, and adventure. In an environment that is both safe and encouraging, we invite you to join us and experience the uniqueness of archery on our farm.

Beginner Archery Courses

New to the world of archery? Our beginner courses are the perfect opportunity to learn the basics. With experienced instructor Marjan, you will learn shooting techniques, safety basics, and equipment use. The courses are suitable for all ages and provide a solid foundation for further improvement in this elegant sport.

Advanced Archery Training

Hit the bullseye and feel the ancient art of archery at our tourist farm. With modern equipment and the guidance of experienced instructors, our archery is suitable for both beginners and experienced archers. Experience a unique combination of concentration, precision, and fun, surrounded by tranquil nature.

3D Archery Course

On our 3D archery course, we offer a total of 24 targets and a special training ground. The 3D course shooting is according to WA rules (2 arrows). The course is open all year round, so all archers are invited – regardless of experience or season.

Price: 10€ / round / person

Join us and discover your archery skills!


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Visit us and experience the charm of our farm – where nature meets hospitality.

Archery Club (LK) Hmeljček

Ethnologists and historians rank the invention of the bow among revolutionary discoveries. The bow and arrow appeared at the same time as the use of fire and verbal communication among people. The bow and arrow accompanied humans for millennia in battles, wars, and survival methods.

Today, archers sportingly continue the millennia-old skill and care for the preservation of the tradition of one of the oldest myths of humanity and civilization. Interestingly, there is a permanent exhibition on archery at the military museum in Pivka.

After several years of joint training and good results, we decided to establish a new club. In February 2021, our wish came true.
In February 2021, our wish came true.

In the short days of February, a tiny hop cone peeked out from under the snow and became our emblem.

Our Vision

To popularize archery as a recreational sport for all generations, especially to encourage archers on the competitive path.

We will be delighted if we can present archery to you ‘live’ at the club’s headquarters in Pongrac, where we also have our training ground.


Is our mascot, made from an oak trunk, from under the chainsaw of a master sculptor mr. Vlado Cencl.

He accompanies us everywhere at our events and competitions. He is always smiling and in a good mood; looking at him gives us new strength and enthusiasm.

Medals & Awards

So far, the Hmeljčki have shot quite a few medals at national championships, in the younger, youth, and senior categories.

We also have great results – 5th place from the European Championship and 6th place on the World Championship 


Gallery LK Hmeljčki

Check out the gallery of the Archery Club Hmeljčki, where we capture the most beautiful moments of our shooters and events, full of hits and smiles.